Personal Injury Claims due to Dangerous Machinery

For a large number of workers in the UK, exposure to machinery in the workplace presents a hazard on a daily basis. Those employed in the construction industry, agriculture, garages, food processing plants, production lines, and much more are all faced with potential dangers throughout their working life, with risk exposure a part of day-to-day employment.

While most machinery featuring in workplaces is harmless and limits risk, it is heavily reliant on regular maintenance, inspection, and the quality training of users. Without such protocols in place, however, the potential for harm and injury is accentuated. At Injury Lawyers UK, we want to ensure that anybody suffering personal injury due to the negligence of others in the workplace has access to the legal advice necessary to pursue a personal injury claim.

Common causes of accidents

Workplace machinery is not, to all intents and purposes, dangerous. Only through external factors does the element of risk associated with such equipment become prominent. Over the years, Injury Lawyers UK has experienced claimants that have had the misfortune to be the victim of malfunctioning machinery and negligent operation, resulting in serious injury and a level of stress for the individual and the family. The causes of such accidents often fall within one of the following categories:

• Ill-fitting or insubstantial protective equipment
• Negligent operation of others
• Lack of training before operation
• Modified machinery that no longer meets safety guidelines
• Improper maintenance work
• Manufacturing errors

While there are, of course, a number of other causes of dangerous machinery accidents in the workplace, there is often responsibility to be found at the root of all injuries. Although we neither encourage nor condone a blame culture when it comes to legal action, we do feel it prudent that you have access to legal support as and when you have suffered at the hands of others’ negligence.

Eligibility for a Personal Injury Claim in the Workplace

Suffering a work-related injury due to exposure to dangerous equipment can change your life – as well as the lives of your family – forever. A serious injury may well find that you are out of work for months at a time, perhaps even incapable of returning to work whatsoever. Alternatively, you may have to change your career direction due to your injuries, meaning your earning power is significantly reduced. Such situations are all-too common among those that have suffered an accident at work, and it is also your family that feels the effect of your injury.

With Injury Lawyers UK, you can sit down with legal experts and discuss the nuances of your situation. We’ll take the time to determine whether you have cause for legal action and identify the solution best suited to ensuring you can receive the justice and the compensation you deserve. It’s our aim to provide you with everything you need to maintain your standard of living, regardless of the accident you suffered in the workplace.

No win, no fee solicitors

Not every claim is successful. In some instance, accidents simply occur due to no fault of any party. Because of this, we believe it’s important to provide legal services in a manner that is fair and affordable. That’s why we provide a no win, no fee service to claimants, and will offer a full and frank assessment of any claim you have to ensure that pursuit of any compensation is undertaken with the best chance of success.

What’s more, should you successfully pursue legal action against another party, we guarantee you will receive 100% of the compensation you’re entitled to. Any legal costs incurred during the process will be funded by the other party, leaving you free from any concerns that unexpected fees or charges will be levied at the end of the case. Peace of mind in any litigation is essential, and we work hard to ensure you are free from any undue stress.

Find out more about your potential claim

To discover more about how Injury Lawyers UK can help you achieve the justice and compensation you deserve after suffering a workplace injury through dangerous machinery, you can get in touch with our friendly and experienced legal experts today. Whether you submit an online enquiry form or call us today on 0800 1123 156, you can rest assured that we’ll provide free and impartial advice on any potential claim you might have.

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