Dangerous Practices in the Workplace

Regardless of profession, working hours, and position in a company, being able to ensure you’re in a comfortable and safe working environment is essential to your wellbeing. As such, your employer has a legal obligation to maintain the working conditions for all members of staff, and failure to adhere to such responsibilities means that the level of liability they can potential face is significant.

If you have been injured at work due to the negligence of your employer, who may not have ensured that the working environment is safe and meets health regulations, you may be able to make a claim for accident compensation. At Injury Lawyers UK, we have a team dedicated to ensuring you get the compensation you deserve in such a situation, and have the experience to help identify the potential success of any claim.

Dangerous procedures and workplace injuries

Risk assessment is an important responsibility for any employer; without conducting thorough investigations into the potential dangers associated with a given role, your employer will be in a position of negligence should an incident occur. As is often the case, however, many potential risks will go overlooked, and the damage caused to an individual’s health, earning power, and ability to work can be greatly compromised.

At Injury Lawyers UK, we’ve witnessed a number of scenarios – some of which seem innocuous – that have resulted in significant harm being done to an individual. As such, we’re able to identify where any potential claim lies, helping you receive the justice you deserve and the compensation you might require. Some of those examples have included:

Am I eligible to claim?

Making a claim for accident compensation is simple when working with Injury Lawyers UK. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of dangerous practices and procedures at work, we are able to assess your individual circumstances and provide thorough advice on the success potential of any claim. What’s more, we operate on a No Win, No Fee basis, meaning that, should you enter a claim and be unsuccessful, you will incur no charges.

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