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Defective Work Equipment Injuries

Accidents at work occur due to many different scenarios and more likely than not will involve a piece of work equipment which has been provided by your employer. As a result of these accidents at work involving work equipment the level of Personal Injury suffered by employees range from minor lacerations through to the most serious life changing injuries.

No matter what level of injury you have, here at Injury Lawyers UK our no win no fee solicitors will provide you with the peace of mind to know that you are in capable hands in dealing with your personal injury claim after your work accident.

Employers must ensure that the work equipment they provide you is suitable, maintained, not defective in any way and also that you are fully trained in their use in accordance with various sets of Health & Safety Regulations, you can view these on our website here.

The term work equipment is used as a generic term to describe every tool, apparatus, appliance, installation or anything else provided to you to assist you in undertaking your employment. This ranges from the kettle in the kitchen to the most complicated piece of machinery you can imagine. If you have been involved in an accident at work as a result of a piece of equipment being faulty, due to the fact that you were not trained in how to use it or due to it malfunctioning in any way you are entitled to compensation. More often than not employers, following on from the accident, tend to try and pass blame for accidents from them to the employee themselves. Even if this is the case no matter what you have been told here at Injury Lawyers UK our no win no fee solicitors can advise you as to whether this was indeed the case, Our experience is that in most cases despite the blame being placed on the employee by their employer they go on to successfully recover Personal Injury compensation as a result of the injuries they sustain at work due to defective or non suitable work equipment.

If you have been involved in an accident at work due to faulty work equipment, lack of training, or anything else here at Injury Lawyers UK we make sure that you are well looked after.

Most if not all work accidents result in a degree of loss of earnings or out of pocket expenses being incurred, our no win no fee solicitors will ensure that your work injury claim will be dealt with efficiently and will ensure that everything is done to recover all losses.

Examples of Injury Compensation Claims

Here are some of the things we can recover for you in addition to your injury compensation as a result of your construction site accident:

  • Loss of Earnings both Past and Future
  • Disadvantage on the Labour Market
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Retraining Assistance Post Accident
  • Damaged Work Equipment
  • Loss of Congenial Employment

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