Maximum Compensation
We will push for the maximum compensation available for your injuries.
Maximum Compensation
We will push for the maximum compensation available for your injuries.
Maximum Compensation
We will push for the maximum compensation available for your injuries.
Maximum Compensation
We will push for the maximum compensation available for your injuries.

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    Injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault?

    Matthew Waterfield

    We are Injury Lawyers UK, we are here to help you get the support, treatment and compensation you deserve following an accident. Like many in our team our Senior Partner Matthew Waterfield has been dealing with personal injury claims for over twenty years.


    Being involved in an accident can be a very traumatic experience for not only you but your loved ones also. This trauma can me increased massively if the accident wasn’t your fault and you’ve had to take time off work due to your injuries.

    If you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault we can help you make a full and fast recovery and get the compensation you deserve.

    Been involved in a accident that wasn’t your fault?

    If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident we can help you get the support rehabilitation and compensation you deserve.

    The injuries sustained in the accident can often lead to you having to take unpaid time off work which can lead to money worries, something that no one should have to deal with on top of their injuries. We can successfully recover the wages that you have lost due to taking time off work, giving you one less thing to worry about.

    Injury Lawyers UK have a team of specialist solicitors that can help make the process of making a claim stress free and efficient. We’ve helped thousands of people get back to normal life after their accident and can help you too.

    How much compensation could you receive?

    All accident claims are different and there is no way of accurately predicting how much your case could be worth until we find out more details about the case. But our solicitors will always make sure they take every possible cost into account when negotiating your claim. Some of these include:

    • Loss of earnings from time off work
    • Future loss of earnings due to halted career progression
    • The care you’ve already received
    • The care you may need in the future
    • Adaptations that may need to be made to your property or vehicle
    • Travel expenses
    • Treatment and rehabilitation costs

    As well as many other expenses that can be claimed back. We deal with nearly all accident claims on a no win no fee basis, so you don’t need to worry about being left out of pocket. If you want to find out more about what your claim could be worth speak to a solicitor now by calling 0800 1123 156.

    How long do you have to make a claim?

    Standard procedure limits you to three years after the date of the accident or diagnosis to start a claim for compensation. This limit is in place to ensure that its clear to see what injures you sustained due to the accident.

    If you’re approaching the time limit you should not delay in getting in touch, the claims process can take a while to get started so its vital you act quickly to ensure your claim can be successful.

    There are a few exceptions to the three year limit which are:

    • Psychological trauma – if the accident caused a serious brain injury and is a loved one if making a claim on their behalf, then there is no time limit for making a compensation claim.
    • Manufacturing or design fault – If the equipment you were using had a fundamental defect, the time limit may be increased.
    • Overseas work accidents – Accidents that take place overseas may result in the time limit for making a claim being shorter depending on the circumstances.

    How does a no win no fee agreement work?

    You’ve probably heard the phrase no win no fee used before, they’re also known as conditional fee agreements. They are simple, you won’t have to pay a penny win or lose.

    We understand all of this might make you worried about incurring hidden costs. We assure you there are none, we instead secure our payment from your opponents insurers when we are successful with your claim.

    In the unlikely event that we lose your no win no fee personal injury claim we promise we will still not charge you a penny. We have insurance policies that cover us in those circumstance. We don’t like to be negative at Injury Lawyers UK but its important you have a full understanding of how a no win no fee agreement works.

    • Read how we helped John after his life changing accident at work
    • I’d been a scaffolder for all my life, I enjoyed the work and working outside as part of a team. This was until I had a nasty fall from scaffolding three stories up. I landed feet first causing serious injuries to my left ankle and leg.

      When the accident occurred I had been under a lot of pressure to get a job finished on time and had been working double shifts to ensure this was possible. This had been normal practice at the company I worked for. I feel like the accident wouldn’t have happened if I was not under such extreme pressure and working long hours.

      I was unable to work for more than a year while I recovered and had several major operations on my ankle, at one point there was a high chance of me losing it all together. I can now walk with a stick with a slight limp, better than I had feared would be possible.

      Throughout this time I was supported by Injury Lawyers UK, they helped me receive the first class medical treatment I needed. They fought tirelessly to secure the maximum amount of compensation possible to ensure I wasn’t left with money worries in the future as I’ll never be able to work as a scaffolder again.

      They had quickly managed to secure an interim payment from my employer to ensure I could make ends meet before the final settlement was paid.

      Everyone who I dealt with at Injury lawyers UK was very friendly and helpful, my file handler and the senior partner visited me at my home several times to discuss the case and see how I was recovering. They took all the stress out of the claims process which helped me focus on my recovery.

      Injury Lawyers UK secured me £400,000 of compensation for my injury, this has enabled me to pay off my mortgage and reimbursed the money I have lost out on due to my injuries. I may never be able to continue in my dream job anymore but they have helped me look forward to my future.

    What makes a claim successful?

    For a claim to be successful we will need to establish which party was responsible for the accident occurring. This could be the local authority or the land owner if you suffered an injury in a slip or trip, the driver of a vehicle if you was involved in a road traffic accident, or it could be your employer if you was injured in an accident at work.

    Ask yourself the following questions and if you answer any of them with a yes, its likely you’ve suffered an injury that could be worthy of a compensation claim.

    • Are you seeing a doctor or receiving medical treatment for an injury sustained in the accident?
    • Have you been making repeat hospital visits to treat the injury?
    • Have you taken time off work to recover from the injury?
    • Have your injuries stopped you from returning to work in the same role or working the same hours?

    Talk to one of our solicitors to find out if you have the ingredients to make a successful claim for compensation by calling 0800 1123 156 or complete an online enquiry form.

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