Working on a farm or in an agricultural environment is a rewarding and traditional form of employment. Yet, while the work may prove enjoyable, the risks of suffering and injury are all-too real. In fact, when it comes to safety records, the agriculture industry has one of the poorest records of any sector, leaving those that are in employment on farms at risk of suffering injury should sufficient precautions for working practices fail to be upheld.

 It’s vital to determine that any injury or farm accident sustained was unavoidable and there is no liability on behalf of your employer. In the event that there is liability, however, you may well be in a position to seek compensation for the accident suffered. After all, farming accidents don’t just affect those in agricultural employment. Should you have suffered an injury at work and have not made a personal injury claim, your family may well suffer from your loss of earnings and inability to work or seek alternative employment.

 Farming dangers and hazards

 The manual nature of agricultural and farm work means that those working in the industry are at greater risk of suffering an accident or personal injury than perhaps those working in a comfortable office. At Injury Lawyers UK, we understand that the level of risk is greater, which is why we work hard to ensure those that have suffered an accident are able to seek the compensation that is their right following an incident.

 Among those types of accident and personal injury that are common to those working in the farming industry are:

  • Accidents caused due to improper use or maintenance of farm vehicles
  • Accidents caused by farm machinery, with exposure to machinery featuring cutting blades, transmission belts, etc.
  • Falling from heights when working on elevated areas and scaling ladders
  • Injuries and illness relating to the use of pesticides and dangerous chemicals
  • Accidents occurring due to working with dangerous livestock

 How do I claim for such an injury?

 Our list of injuries and accidents related to farm accident compensation claims is far from exhaustive. As such, the best way to determine whether you have the right to pursue personal injury compensation is to speak to one of our experienced and knowledgeable team. We also strive to ensure that you receive your just rewards, aiming for the maximum compensation where applicable in relation to a successful claim. Should you be unsuccessful, however, our No Win, No Fee policy means that no charges will be incurred.

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