Work Related Fork Lift Truck Injuries

Operating industrial and heavy machinery presents a substantial risk to any employee, regardless of their level of expertise and experience in the industry. When it comes to the operation of fork lift trucks, meanwhile, the exposure to risk is substantial, with the potential for serious injury or even death a daily risk. As such, working in an environment whereby correct procedures and complete protection from dangerous operation of fork lift trucks is essential, and failure for an employer to uphold these safety standards could well mean that any personal injuries suffered result in high compensation claims.

 If you’ve been in a workplace accident involving a fork lift truck and believe that the suitable safety precautions were not followed, Injury Lawyers UK can help you seek the just rewards you deserve through a personal injury compensation claim.

 Common injuries and accidents involving fork lift trucks

 Fork lift trucks represent one of the most essential forms of machinery in any warehouse or industrial setting. But the practicalities of operating such a vehicle presents a level of rick to both the operator and those around them. In fact, it’s more common for an injury to be sustained by one that is simply working within the vicinity of the fork lift truck than for the operator to sustain an injury themselves.

 Among the most common fork lift truck accidents are:

  • The falling of a fork lift’s load onto a passerby
  • The toppling over of a fork lift truck due to being operated on an unstable, unsuitable surface
  • Collisions with other people, either on the worksite or with members of the public
  • Collisions with other pieces of workplace machinery
  • Careless operation such as speeding or reckless driving
  • Poorly maintain vehicles which lead to an accident

 Am I eligible to claim for this type of work injury? 

At Injury Lawyers UK, we like to take each claim based on its on merits. Whether you’ve been injured at work or have a family member that suffered due to a fork lift truck accident, we can help you determine whether or not a personal injury claim should be pursued. We have many years’ experience in support employees in achieving the compensation they deserve, providing the financial security they need at a time when recovering from injury or returning to work is stressful.

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