Suffering a hit and run accident is a truly traumatic experience, with the injuries – both physical and mental – proving detrimental to your present and your future. And, while the trauma suffered from the physical impact is bad enough, knowing that the driver of the vehicle has simply absconded from the scene without care for your wellbeing undoubtedly causes great anger and frustration.

 With Injury Lawyers UK, you can look to seek justice from the hit and run accident you suffered with a personal injury compensation claim. While the process is far from straightforward, the chance of success is still good, and you could well achieve the justice and compensation you deserve.

 How to claim for a hit and run

 Hit and run compensation claims fall under the remit of the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) – an organisation set up to help support those that have suffered at the hands of hit and run, uninsured, and untraced motorists. By working with legal professionals such as Injury Lawyers UK, processing any claims through the MIB become far simpler and hassle-free, leaving you to concentrate on your recovery and rebuilding any confidence that may have been lost as the result of the hit and run accident.

 For instance, Injury Lawyers UK will help you in a number of situations, such as:

  • Helping you find witnesses for the accident and processing statements
  • Liaising with the police
  • Talking to medical professionals

 We want to be able to ensure that the accident you suffered does not compromise your ability to continue living to the fullest. Even minor injuries can cause an infraction on your day-to-day life, while more severe incidents can leave you unable to work and needing the support of others. It’s our aim, therefore, to ensure that you have the financial support you deserve to cover a situation that was none of your making.

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