It’s easy to assume that road traffic accidents involve collisions between two of more vehicles, but it’s all-too common for incidents to occur between a vehicle and a pedestrian. In such a situation, the potential for severe injuries and even a fatality are increased, with pedestrians not afforded the protection offered by a vehicle. If you’ve been in a situation whereby a vehicle collided with your person through no fault of your own, you may well be able to make a personal injury compensation claim.

 By contacting Injury Lawyers UK today, we can assess the merits of any claim based around the precise details of the incident. It’s our aim to help you achieve the justice you deserve in a situation that can have life-altering circumstances. From liaising with the police and medical services, to identifying witnesses and culpability, we’ll support you every step of the way and help you on the road to recovery.

 Why choose Injury Lawyers UK?

 Thanks to many years’ experience and a dedicated team of personal injury specialists, the team at Injury Lawyers UK can help you in making a pedestrian accident claim following a road traffic accident. Our No Win, No Fee policy ensures that you are not exposed to any financial risk should your claim be unsuccessful, and we work hard to ensure that any costs incurred during successful pursuit of a claim are covered by the defendants and do not affect the level of compensation you receive.

 By contacting our friendly team of specialists today, you can focus on the importance of recovery – both mental and physical – without the hassles of trying to pursue justice on your own. It’s our aim to provide a relaxed and stress-free claim that simply lets you focus on your own wellbeing and those around you.

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 For more information on how to get your personal injury claim underway and to discuss the finer points of your case, you can contact the team at Injury Lawyers UK today on 0800 1123 156. We’ll assess the details of your claim and provide fair and impartial advice on any potential litigation that is available to you. Alternatively, you can submit an online enquiry form and one of our personal injury lawyers will get in touch at the earliest opportunity.

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