Accidents in Working Environment

The construction and maintenance of a property usually brings about the erection of temporary scaffolding. Being able to rely on the scaffolding to scale heights in order to conduct heavy work is thereby essential, and should the scaffold structure fail to deliver the support necessary, serious – if not fatal – injuries can occur. Both for employees on a construction site and the general public, inadequately constructed scaffolding presents a risk that can lead to costly compensation claims should an accident occur.

 At Injury Lawyers UK, we’ve worked with a number of claimants in seeking due justice and compensation as the result of a scaffolding injury. Submitting a personal injury compensation claim for such an incident means seeking the compensation you and your loved ones are due should you be incapable of working due to injury or unable to find future employment.

 Types of claim

 When it comes to scaffolding accident claims, identifying the party liable for when an accident occurs is essential. Incorrectly erected scaffolding presents a risk to those working on it and those simply passing by. As such, erecting scaffolding should be carried out by experienced professionals that work in accordance with the Work at Height Regulations 2005, the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, and the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992. Failure to uphold such regulations will often mean liability for such incidents as:

  • Lacerations from unprotected metal edges
  • Falls from height causing serious and even fatal injuries
  • The dropping of objects from height

 Am I eligible to make a claim?

 Depending on the circumstances surrounding the scaffolding accident you’ve suffered, Injury Lawyers UK will be able to help you pursue the compensation you and your family deserve. In addition to simply highlighting where liability lies, and supporting you throughout the legal proceedings, Injury Lawyers UK provides a No Win, No Fee policy, thereby ensuring you will not incur any additional charges should you be unsuccessful in a claim.

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 To start proceedings on a scaffolding accident claim, simply contact the experienced team at Injury Lawyers UK on 0800 1123 156 today or submit an enquiry form and we’ll be in touch. You can be confident that our knowledgeable personal injury lawyers will be able to give you complete and impartial advice and help you achieve the compensation you deserve following a workplace accident.

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