Maximum Compensation
We will push for the maximum compensation available for your injuries.
Maximum Compensation
We will push for the maximum compensation available for your injuries.
Maximum Compensation
We will push for the maximum compensation available for your injuries.
Maximum Compensation
We will push for the maximum compensation available for your injuries.

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    Slip, Trip or Fall Compensation Claims

    Slips, Trips and Falls are very common not only in the workplace but in public areas, they account for over a third of all major injuries in the workplace. Often a slip or trip can result in a more serious accident such as falling from a raised working area or into dangerous machinery.

    The UK Health and Safety Executive report that there is 111,000 injuries caused by slips, trips and falls every year. If you’re one of these unlucky few and have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

    Had a slip, trip or fall?

    If you’ve had a slip, trip or fall in a public place then you could be entitled to receive compensation for the injuries you suffered. Whether you tripped over wires, uneven paving or slipped on a wet surface we can help you.

    When we think about a slip or trip most don’t think of how serious the injuries can often be, for those unlucky enough to slip or trip the injuries sustained can be very serious. Broken bones, extensive bruising and muscle damage are often caused by slips and trips.

    At Injury Lawyers UK our team of solicitors can help you get the rehabilitation needed to make a full recovery whatever injuries you’ve suffered. To speak to a solicitor now call 0800 1123 156 or complete an online enquiry form.

    What qualifies as a slip, trip or fall?

    Slips, trips and falls often happen because of surfaces not being maintained or looked after properly. Some of the most common causes we deal with are:

    • Tripping over wires or boxes
    • Falling from height because of faulty equipment
    • Slips on wet or icy surfaces due to a lack of warning signs in the area
    • Trips over uneven paving or surfaces
    • Poorly maintained staircases

    There can be many other causes for a slip, trip or fall occurring so don’t panic if we haven’t listed it above, these are only the most common cases we deal with.

    How much compensation could you receive?

    All claims are different and there is no way of accurately predicting how much your claim could be worth until we find out more details about your injury. But our personal injury solicitors will ensure that they take every possible cost into account when negotiating your claim.

    Some of these include:

    • Loss of earnings from time off work
    • Future loss of earnings due to halted career progression
    • The care you’ve already received
    • The care you may need in the future
    • Adaptations that may need to be made to your property or vehicle
    • Travel expenses
    • Treatment costs

    As well as many other expenses that can be claimed back. We also deal with most claims on a no win no fee basis so you don’t need to worry about being left out of pocket. If you want to find out more about what your claim could be worth try out compensation calculator or speak to a solicitor now by calling 0800 1123 156.

    • Read how we helped Karen after she slipped in the supermarket
    • As a busy working mother when I slipped on a wet floor on my way into the supermarket and broke my hip I was left worrying about how I could support my family. I was unable to work for 2 months and had to spend 5 days in hospital following surgery.

      I contacted Injury Lawyers UK to discuss whether there was any grounds for me to make a claim for compensation to help alleviate the money worries that come with having to take 2 months off work. They told me it was likely I would be able to make a successful claim.

      I was now able to walk again, assisted with a stick. They arranged for me to attend physiotherapy sessions to build up the strength in my legs and waist that I had lost after being bed ridden for quite some time. This helped me recover much quicker than I was expecting and saw me return to work soon after the sessions started.

      They had contacted the supermarkets insurers and informed them I wanted to make a claim for compensation due to the supermarket being negligent. The supermarket initially denied they was at fault but luckily I had gathered the contact numbers of several independent witnesses. They was able to confirm the floor was being washed at the time but no wet floor signs had been displayed, making me think the area I was walking on was dry.

      The supermarket had no choice but to admit liability for the accident. Once the claim was settled I was very pleased with the £6,000 I received in compensation.

      The team at Injury Lawyers UK were wonderful throughout the whole claims process, always a friendly voice on the other end of the phone. They made sure I received the highest quality of care and took away the stress involved in having to take time off work by ensuring I received every penny I deserved.

      I can’t recommend the wonderful service Injury Lawyers UK provide more, they helped me and my family cope through difficult times. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them.

    How long do you have to make a claim?

    Standard procedure limits you to three years from the date of the accident or diagnosis of the injury to make a claim for compensation. If you’re within three months of this limit you should act very quickly as starting the claims process can take a while so its vital to act now.

    There are a few exceptions to the three year claim limit which are:

    • Psychological trauma – if the accident caused a serious brain injury and is a loved one if making a claim on their behalf, then there is no time limit for making a compensation claim.
    • Manufacturing or design fault – If the equipment you were using had a fundamental defect, the time limit may be increased.
    • Overseas work accidents – Accidents that take place overseas may result in the time limit for making a claim being shorter depending on the circumstances.

    How does a no win no fee agreement work?

    You’ve probably heard the phrase no win no fee used before, they are also known as conditional fee agreements. They are simple, you won’t have to pay a penny win or lose. We guarantee that you will receive maximum compensation for the injuries you have sustained and you will pay nothing, win or lose.

    We understand all of this might make you worried about incurring hidden costs. We assure you there is no hidden costs, we instead secure our payment from your opponents insurers when we are successful with your claim.

    In the unlikely event that we lose your no win no fee personal injury claim we promise we will still not charge you a penny. We have insurance policies that cover us in these circumstances. We don’t like to be negative but it’s important you have a full understanding of how a no win no fee agreement works.

    Who can I claim against?

    The claim for compensation will be made against the party responsible for maintaining the location where the accident occurred. If the accident took place in a public place, such as a recreational park or town centre it’s likely to be the local councils responsibility. Whereas if the trip or slip occurs in a building, it’s whoever owns or operates out the building such a supermarket or shop.

    How to get started

    To start the process of making a claim for compensation for the injuries you suffered in a slip, trip or fall you should get in touch with Injury Lawyers UK, we have over 20 years’ experience dealing with this type of claim. We will not only secure you compensation but also provide you with access to the top medical treatment.

    Call one of our solicitors on 0800 1123 156 now or complete the online enquiry form below.

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