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Slips, Trips & Falls at Work

Accidents at work occur due to many different scenarios and more likely than not will involve a a slip or trip on water or over something which really should not have been where it was it the time of your work accident. Your employer has a non delegable duty towards your safety at work so as to ensure that you are not injured as a result of their operations. Most slip and trip accidents at work are as a result of either spilt water or other employees of the company leaving items in unsafe places. No matter what the circumstances of your slip or trip work accident Injury Lawyers UK can help. We will pursue for you a no win no fee personal injury claim to get you the compensation you deserve. As a result of these accidents at work involving a slip or trip the level of Personal Injury suffered by employees ranges from minor lacerations through to the most serious life changing injuries.

No matter what level of injury you have here at Injury Lawyers UK our no win no fee solicitors will provide you with the peace of mind to know that you are in capable hands in dealing with your personal injury claim after your work accident.

Employers must ensure that the floors and traffic routes within their premises are safe and reasonably free from slips, trips and hazards likely to cause injury. This is in accordance with various sets of Health & Safety Regulations, you can view these on our website here.

If you have tripped, slipped or fallen at work and been injured you could be entitled to compensation for the injuries you sustained and any losses you have suffered as a result of the same. People fall for many reasons at work but the main causes of falls are water or substances such as oil on the floor, or uneven floors where drains or gullies are not correctly covered causing a trip hazard. Your employers have a duty to ensure that all floors in the workplace are sound and of suitable construction and free from substances obstacles or defects likely to cause injury.

More often than not employers seek to blame you for the accident or warn that if you make a fuss one of your colleagues could be held responsible for the accident and therefore be in trouble. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! Our no win no fee solicitors are experts in dealing with slips and trips in the workplace and indeed all types of accidents at work. They will also advise you that you making a claim due to your slip or trip at work will not place blame on anyone of your colleagues resulting in them getting in trouble. By law every employer in the UK must have Employers Liability insurance to cover incidents like this. They also have to have in place a reasonable system of work which ensures that if the floors do become dangerous in any way shape or form that they are rectified immediately. Our experience is that in most cases despite the blame being placed on the employee by their employer they go on to successfully recover Personal Injury compensation as a result of the injuries they sustain at work due to slipping or tripping.

If you have been involved in an accident at work where you have slipped, tripped, fallen, or anything else here at Injury Lawyers UK we make sure that you are well looked after.

Most if not all work accidents result in a degree of loss of earnings or out of pocket expenses being incurred, our no win no fee solicitors will ensure that your work injury claim will be dealt with efficiently and will ensure that everything is done to recover all losses.

Here are some of the things we can recover for you in addition to your injury compensation as a result of your construction site accident:

  • Loss of Earnings both Past and Future
  • Disadvantage on the Labour Market
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Retraining Assistance Post Accident
  • Damaged Work Equipment
  • Loss of Congenial Employment

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