Maximum Compensation
We will push for the maximum compensation available for your injuries.
Maximum Compensation
We will push for the maximum compensation available for your injuries.
Maximum Compensation
We will push for the maximum compensation available for your injuries.
Maximum Compensation
We will push for the maximum compensation available for your injuries.

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    Uninsured Drivers

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    Having an Accident with an Uninsured Driver

    Road safety has significantly improved in the UK over the past couple of decades with fatalities decreasing from 3,409 in 2000 to 1,775 in 2014 and injuries decreasing from 317,000 to 217,284 in 2014 .

    However, no matter how safe you are, there is no accounting for the actions of other drivers which can range from simple mistakes to reckless driving. Unfortunately, as a result of these actions, injuries can occur. Types of injuries include cuts, bruises and whiplash as well as more serious injuries such as paralysis.

    In the UK, it is estimated that up to 4% of all drivers drive uninsured . If you are involved in an accident with an uninsured vehicle, making an insurance claim will be more difficult as there is no corresponding insurance company to claim from. This means that you either have to make a claim through your own insurance company which could put your no-claims discount at risk or through the Motor InsurersBureau (MIB). It’s important to note that making a claim through the MIB can be a lengthy process and you may have to pay for any repairs before receiving any money.

    What Does the Law Say?

    The UK law is very clear on motor insurance. Simply, to be able to drive on a UK road, you need insurance . The legal minimum is third party insurance but there are varying levels of cover available. It is also illegal to allow someone else to use your vehicle without them having insurance.

    The only exception to this is if you have a vehicle which you keep but it is kept off the road and not used. In this instance, the vehicle should be declared as SORN (statutory off road notification).

    What Do You Need to do If You Have an Accident with an Uninsured Vehicle?

    If you have been involved in an accident, there are few things you should do to ensure that you have the best chance of success in any legal proceedings.

    1. Report the accident to the police

    Any accident with an uninsured driver (or a driver who fails to produce a certificate of insurance) must be reported to the police within 24 hours. It is essential that you do this as if not, it will be impossible to make an uninsured drivers claim through the MIB.

    2. Collect the other driver’s details

    These details include the name and address of the driver, their vehicle make and model and the registration number.

    3. Document evidence

    If possible, it’s best to document what you can remember as soon after the incident as possible so as to make it as accurate and factual as possible. A good way to document evidence is to take pictures at the scene. Using a good camera phone or camera is an easy way to do this. Information may include:

    • Details of when the accident took place (date and time)
    • Details of where the accident took place (which road etc)
    • Road conditions- for example, the weather at the time of the accident, the road signs, the visibility, whether the other car had lights on or not
    • Details of damage- this includes damage to both your car and the other vehicles involved in the accident
    • Sketch of the accident scene outlining where point of contact was
    • Anything that the other driver said at the scene- this information can be important at a later date if legal proceedings were to occur
    • Names and contact information of any independent witnesses (they may have vital evidence)
    • Any police report numbers

    Can You Make a Claim?

    If you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault and suffered injury as a result, you can make a claim.

    Comprehensive cover means you will have the costs of your own repairs covered but unless you have taken out a policy which protects your no claims discount, then you may lose these. If you have third party cover, your repairs won’t be paid for.

    How Can Injury Lawyers UK Help?

    Uninsured vehicle accident claims can be complex and to maximise your chance of success, you need people in the know. Here, at Injury Lawyers UK, we have a team of qualified lawyers with years of experience in making successful claims who can help you.

    We understand that a road traffic accident can have a massive impact on the lives of those involved. The stress involved as a result is large and we know that dealing with legalities of making a claim is the last thing you want to be doing. Therefore, we’ll take that stress away for you and deal with everything on your behalf. You can focus on what’s most important, your recovery.

    At Injury Lawyers UK, we know that legal jargon can be confusing and that’s why we won’t use any. We’ll always communicate using plain English and will keep you updated throughout the process so you never have to chase us.

    We work on a no win, no fee basis so there is no risk to you and we will fight to get you the maximum possible compensation available.


    If you want to know if you’re in a position to make a claim for an injury involving an uninsured driver contact Injury Lawyers UK on 0800 285 1411 today or fill out an online enquiry form. We’ll be happy to provide you with the advice you need to pursue any action, and work with you to secure the compensation you deserve.

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