Accidents at Work

Suffered from an injury at work? We are the experts to help you claim compensation

Workplace accidents can strike at any time, regardless of the environment and the role. The potential harm suffered by an injured party extends beyond simple health infractions, with loss of income a cause of financial hardship and heightened stress. As such, being able to claim compensation for a work-related accident is vital to those that have suffered such a mishap.

At Injury Lawyers UK, our team of experts has over 15 years’ experience in supporting claimants with seeking the compensation they deserve following a workplace accident. In most cases, a workplace accident is the result of employer error or negligence, meaning that any claim you have has the potential to quality for compensation.

Examples of Workplace Compensation Claims

Over the years, Injury Lawyers UK has been able to support a number of workers in their compensation claims. For example, we’ve offered expert advice to professionals:

Working on construction sites
Working with defective equipment
Experiencing trips and slips in the workplace
Experiencing industrial disease
Manual handling injuries
Suffering due to inadequate risk assessment

Regardless of your profession or your working environment, we’re confident we can support you in any legal action you wish to pursue.

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