Maximum Compensation
We will push for the maximum compensation available for your injuries.
Maximum Compensation
We will push for the maximum compensation available for your injuries.
Maximum Compensation
We will push for the maximum compensation available for your injuries.
Maximum Compensation
We will push for the maximum compensation available for your injuries.

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Have you got a claim?

Here at Injury Lawyers UK we are here to help you receive the compensation you deserve if you have been injured in an accident. If you’re unsure if you’ve got a case, then you can find out by giving us a call on 0800 285 1411. We will be able to tell you in minutes if you can make a claim for compensation and how much it could be worth.

If you simply want to know if you have a claim we won’t pressure you into going ahead, we let you decide. If you want to find out what your claim could be worth without talking to anyone try our compensation calculator this can easily give you a rough estimate of what your claim could be worth.

If you’re unsure if you have a claim or not take a look at our frequently asked questions or we advise that for your claim to be successful the accident must have happened in the past three years, been someone else’s fault and you must have received an injury as a result.

If all three of the above are correct, then you could make a successful claim for compensation.

Types of accident claims

Claims for compensation can be made on nearly all accidents that take place as long as you were not at fault, you can see just some of the many different types of claims that we have successfully settled previously. Don’t worry if your accident isn’t on this list, chances are we can still help you, just give us a call on 0800 285 1411

  • Accidents on the road

    Roads are very dangerous, accidents that occur on roads can unfortunately lead to life changing injuries, it’s not just road traffic collisions that you can claim for. If you have been injured on the road as a pedestrian, cyclist or on public transport you could also claim for compensation.

    We understand that even the smallest of accidents on the road can lead to very serious injuries with a large amount of financial loss. Our solicitors are not only here to win you the compensation you deserve but to also ensure that you make a full recovery.

  • Work accidents

    Claiming for an injury that you suffered at work can be very daunting, you may be worrying about losing your job if you’re still employed by the same company. But you are struggling to make ends meet at home as your injury has reduced how much you can work. Whether you have suffered an injury as a result of faulty equipment or whether it was due to a health and safety failing that the company had made you could be entitled to claim compensation.

    The compensation won’t be paid by your employer but by the insurance company that provides their policy. Employers would need a reasonable reason to dismiss you and making a claim for compensation would not be a reason to dismiss you.

    Whether it happened in an office, warehouse, construction site or any other location you may have worked in, we can help you recover back to full health and get the compensation you deserve.

  • Slips, trips and falls

    The consequences of a slip or trip will often be minor but can sometimes result in serious injuries such as broken bones and severe ligament damage.

    Whether the slip or trip was an accident at work, in a shop or even on the pavement, you may be entitled to make a personal injury claim for compensation.

  • Medical negligence

    When you consult a doctor or general practitioner you should feel in safe hands, you do not expect accidents, errors or sub-standard care. This is unfortunately what some of us are receiving, if you have received an injury or your condition has been made worse due to medical negligence you could be entitled to claim compensation

    Medical negligence covers a wide spectrum, from misdiagnosis to hospital or dental negligence and many more.

    We have specialist medical negligence solicitors waiting to help you make a full recovery and get the compensation you deserve.

Have you got a claim?

Although all cases are different and the best way to find out is to speak to a solicitor take a look at the information below which can help you understand if you have a claim to make.

For a claim to be successful your solicitor must be able to prove somebody else was at fault for your injury. This could be from them not ensuring the correct health and safety procedures are being followed to them not paying attention whilst driving and many more.

Other reasons that could make your claim successful include:

  • Failing to inspect equipment
  • Failing to keep pathways and aisles clear of tripping hazards and obstacles
  • Ignoring laws and regulations in place to keep you safe

If you want to find out for sure if you have a claim, then call us on 0800 285 1411 or fill out an online enquiry form.

What can you claim?

When working out how much your claim is worth we will consider all expenses that have been caused from your injury. But we will also think of any future costs that may occur.

When receiving compensation, we consider:

  • Lost Earnings from time off work
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Care you’ve received
  • Adaptations to your property
  • Medical Costs
  • Pain you’ve experienced from injury

If you want to find out how much your claim is worth either give us a call on 0800 285 1411 or use our online compensation calculator to get a rough idea of how much your claim is worth.

Why make a claim?

If you’re undecided whether to make a claim it could be for several reasons, whether it be due to fear of losing your job or if you’ve heard that the claims process is stressful or any other reason. We would highly recommend that you do make a claim even if you’re worried about doing so. Our specially trained solicitors are on hand 24/7 to answer your calls.

If you’ve suffered an injury that has stopped you working you could be due compensation for any loss of pay that has occurred. This means that you have plenty of time to fully recover rather than rushing back to work, which is only likely to cause further injury or prevent full recovery.

All claims made with us are no win no fee, so there is no risk for you, our costs will come out of any compensation received so there’s no financial risk for you. If we don’t win your case you won’t have to pay us a penny. It’s in our best interest to secure the maximum compensation possible.

How much could you claim?

All claims are different and there is no way of predicting how much your case could be worth until we find out more details about the injury you or your loved one have received. But our specially trained personal injury solicitors will ensure they take every possible cost into account when negotiating your claim. Some of these include:

  • Loss of earnings from time off work
  • Future loss of earnings due to halted career progression
  • The care you gave received
  • Adaptations that may need to be made to your property or vehicle
  • Travel expenses
  • Treatment costs

As well as many other expenses that can be claimed back and we offer and no win no fee agreement you don’t need to worry about you being left out of pocket.

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